2.5 Listening & Providing Feedback

2 minutes


Use one-way and two-way voice connections to listen to students and provide feedback during class.


There are three primary methods for listening and speaking with students:

  1. Drawing one-way (monitoring) and two-way (speaking) lines
  2. Clicking on students and from the menu that appears, selecting the Monitor or Converse options
  3. Using the lightning mode (hold down the OPTION key and click on a student)

Methods to Listen & Speak in DiLL:

Method One: Drawing Lines

  • Draw lines from students and select Monitor or Converse to listen/speak
  • Dragging a line from a selection of students will automatically draw lines for all students in the selection
  • Hovering your mouse over a line will automatically change the cursor into a scissor—snip to disconnect!

Method Two: Click & Choose

  • Instead of drawing lines, click on a student and choose Monitor or Converse in the menu that appears
  • Clicking a student in an active conversation, will provide the option to Monitor or Converse with the student AND his/her partners

Method Three: Lightning Mode

  • Hold down the OPTION key and click once to monitor and twice to converse
  • Moving to a new student/pair/group will automatically disconnect you from your first student/pair/group
  • Use the lightning mode to quickly go around the classroom listening to students and providing feedback

Common Questions:

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