Section 7: Example DiLL Activities and How-to's

Example Activities

Classroom activity ideas for use with DiLL. Includes the ACTFL Communication Standards and Language Skills each activity focuses on.

Name Description Standards Skills
Audio Jigsaw Puzzle Students are each given a piece of a story (a few lines or a paragraph) and then go around the class reading their pieces to one another. Have students transcribe the pieces of the story and put them in the correct order. Interpersonal, Interpretive Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Conversation Practice Pair or group students in DiLL and have them practice conversing with one another. Record conversations for review. Interpersonal Listening, Speaking
Create a Creature Students write and then record simple phrases describing a unique creature. Recordings are compiled and students are challenged to draw on paper what they hear in the descriptions. Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Describe the Picture Have students describe a picture in the target language. Presentational Speaking
Group Presentational Storytelling Start a story prompt -- “once upon a time there was a…” -- and go around the room asking students to tell the next part of the story. Record each student’s contribution and then playback the entire story once it’s finished. Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking
Guess Your Partner Pair or group students in conversation, but hide the names of their conversation partners. Interpersonal Listening, Speaking
Imagine a Situation Give a "situation" to the class. Students have to imagine what they would say in the situation, then have them speak it. Presentational Listening, Speaking, Culture
Karaoke Stream music out to students and have them sing along. Interpretive Speaking, Reading, Culture
Live Speaking Assessment Ask the class questions and record students’ responses. Student screens are locked and the instructor has control of the record button. Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking
Peer Feedback & Assessment Conduct a quick synchronized speaking assessment. Afterwards, have students listen and grade each other’s recordings. Interpersonal, Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking
Picture Charades Send a picture to one student and and have him/her describe it to the rest of the class to guess what the picture might be. Interpersonal, Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking
Picture Memory Game Send students a picture. After a set period of time, hide the picture and ask students to describe everything they saw. Responses can be oral recordings or written down on a handout. Presentational Speaking
Practice an AP Exam Practice the Simulated Conversation and Free Response portions of an AP Language Exam using past years’ exams available for downloaded on CollegeBoard’s website. Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking
Speed Dating Have students go around the class initiating short conversations with different classmates. Interpersonal Listening, Speaking
Transcribe the Audio Upload an audio file for students to listen to and transcribe. Use Turtle Mode and Repeat to listen to the clip as often as needed. Interpretive Listening, Writing
Watch & Discuss Video With a Partner Students view a YouTube video, discuss, and record predetermined questions with a partner. Interpersonal, Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking, Culture
Write, Record, & Share a Story "Students write a fantastical story and then record it in DiLL. Afterwards, pair students up and have them listen to each other’s recordings, transcribing them down into the target language. " Interpretive, Presentational Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing


DiLL how-to tutorials.

Name Description
Create a "Take-Home" Exam Create a time-locked task that students can self-assign (without direct teacher involvement) to listen and make recordings with.
Assign Homework in DiLL Use the Pre-Assign feature to allow student to self-assign tasks. Useful for schools with 1-to-1 MacBook and BYOM programs, or schools with drop-in access to their fixed language lab (e.g., Universities, etc.)
Configure DiLL for Off-Campus Conversation Practice "Create a permanent DiLL classroom group with Self-Grouping enabled that students can join anytime to practice speaking with other classmates. "
Create a Series of Self-Guided Tasks Pre-assign tasks in DiLL to allow students to load them on their own (without direct teacher involvement). Provide accompanying instructions to students via email, a handout, Google Docs, or an LMS system.
Enable Off-Campus Access for 1:1 MacBook Programs Allow remote voice conferencing in DiLL (participants can join remotely from anywhere over the internet).
Record an Audio Lesson for Use in DiLL Create your own audio recording and upload it to the DiLL Catalog to use in class.
Use Google Drive & Docs with DiLL Sharing Google Docs and files uploaded to your Google Drive with DiLL. How-tos and example ideas.