7.5: DiLL How-to's

Name Description
Create a "Take-Home" Exam Create a time-locked task that students can self-assign (without direct teacher involvement) to listen and make recordings with.
Assign Homework in DiLL Use the Pre-Assign feature to allow student to self-assign tasks. Useful for schools with 1-to-1 MacBook and BYOM programs, or schools with drop-in access to their fixed language lab (e.g., Universities, etc.)
Configure DiLL for Off-Campus Conversation Practice "Create a permanent DiLL classroom group with Self-Grouping enabled that students can join anytime to practice speaking with other classmates. "
Create a Series of Self-Guided Tasks Pre-assign tasks in DiLL to allow students to load them on their own (without direct teacher involvement). Provide accompanying instructions to students via email, a handout, Google Docs, or an LMS system.
Enable Off-Campus Access for 1:1 MacBook Programs Allow remote voice conferencing in DiLL (participants can join remotely from anywhere over the internet).
Record an Audio Lesson for Use in DiLL Create your own audio recording and upload it to the DiLL Catalog to use in class.
Use Google Drive & Docs with DiLL Sharing Google Docs and files uploaded to your Google Drive with DiLL. How-tos and example ideas.