Welcome to DiLL training! We've put together this training course to introduce DiLL to new teachers.

Training is divided into the following sections:

Section 0: Introduction10 minutes

0.1 What is DiLL?

What is DiLL? How does it work?

0.2 DiLL Client Overview (Student Software)

Introduction to the student software.

Section 1: Getting Started10 minutes

1.1 Launching DiLL

Opening the teacher and student applications and logging in.

1.2 Classroom Groups

Using DiLL "classroom groups" to manage multiple DiLL labs.

Section 2: Voice Connections20 minutes

2.1 Overview

How to create a voice connection in DiLL.

2.2 One-Way Connections

How to monitor/listen to students.

2.3 Two-Way Connections

How to speak with students.

2.4 Conversation Groups

How to pair and group students in conversation.

2.5 Listening & Providing Feedback

How to quickly go around the room listening and speaking with individual students and pairs/groups.

2.6 Moving & Selecting Students

How to move and select students in the teacher interface.

2.7 Undo/Redo

How to undo or redo your actions in DiLL.

2.8 Self-Grouping

How to allow students to form conversations on their own.

Section 3: Classroom Management10 minutes

3.1 Classroom Announcements

How to make a live classroom announcement.

3.2 Monitor & Control Student Screens

How to monitor & control students' computer screens.

3.3 Lock Student Screens

How to lock students' computer screens.

3.4 Log Out Students

How to log students out of their computers.

Section 4: Saving Recordings (Tasks)30 minutes

4.1 Overview

How to capture and save student recordings.

4.2 Recording-only Tasks

How to capture student recordings against non-audio stimuli.

4.3 Lesson-based Tasks

How to send students an audio file to listen and record responses to.

4.4 Synchronized Tasks (APs)

How to administer a listening or speaking assessment with the entire class simultaneously.

4.5 Recording Pairs/Group Conversations

How to record group conversations.

4.6 Homework Assignments

How to create and assign homework.

4.7 Sharing Web Resources

How to share a website or online resource with select students or the entire class at once.

4.8 Reviewing & Downloading Student Work

How to access, playback, and download student recordings.

Section 5: File Management10 minutes

5.1 Uploading Audio to the DiLL Catalog

How to upload audio files to the DiLL Server.

5.2 Creating Your Own Lessons

How to record your own audio lesson.

5.3 Managing Uploaded Materials

How to manage (rename, delete, mark private) lesson audio files already uploaded to the DiLL Catalog.

Section 6: AP® Exams in DiLL

How-to administer an AP® Language or Music exam in DiLL.

Section 7: Example DiLL Activities

Example classroom activities collected from the DiLL community.

7.1 Interpersonal Communication

Activities to help students practice their direct communication skills.

7.2 Interpretive Communication

Activities to help students practice their one-way listening and reading skills.

7.3 Presentational Communication

Activities to help students practice their formal presentation skills in spoken and written form.

7.4 Assessment Activities

Activities to help assess students' abilities and learning progress.

7.5 How-to's

DiLL how-to's - example: how to create a series of self-guided tasks in DiLL.